The Twits

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"Mr. Twit was a twit. He was born a twit. And now at the age of sixty, he was a bigger twit than ever.
The hair on Mr.Twit's face didn't grow smooth and matted as it does on most hairy-faced men. It grew in spikes that stuck out straight like the bristles of a nailbrush.
And how often did Mr.Twit wash this bristly nailbrushy face of his ?
The answer is NEVER, not even on Sundays.
He hadn't washed it for years.

Dirty beards

Watch carefully next time you see a hairy man eating his lunch and you will notice that even if he opens his mouth very wide, it is impossible for him to get a spoonful of beef stew or ice cream and chocolate sauce into it without leaving some of it on the hairs.
Mr. Twit didn't even bother to open his mouth wide when he ate.

Mrs. Twit

Mrs. Twit was no better than her husband.
She did not, of course, have a hairy face. It was a pity she didn't because that, at any rate, would have hidden some of her fearful uglyness.
Take a look at her.
Have you ever seen a woman with an uglier face than that ? I doubt it."

The Twits, Roald DAHL

EDIT 29/07/08 : sur mon skyblog, j'avais proposé à ceux qui le voulaient une traduction. Personne ne s'est manifesté à cette époque mais cette proposition est toujours valable !

Je signale au passage que Roald DAHL est extremement connu en Angleterre pour ses livres pour enfants. Il a notamment écrit Charlie et la chocolaterie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), James et la pêche géante (James and the giant peach) et Matilda.

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punaise! j'avais même pas fait le rapprochement ac Charlie et la chocolaterie et Matilda!!...
<br /> Je crois que le nom de Roald Dahl est plus connu ici qu'en France, donc t'en fais pas, c'est normal =]<br /> <br /> <br />